Buyer Testimonial

Carla Ng was able to help the Tran Family purchase a new construction single family residence for $25,000 UNDER the asking price!

Raving Fans

My husband and I were referred to Carla by my sister and her husband, she helped them purchase their home earlier this year. Carla made the home buying process so smooth and stress free; she was there every step of the way. Working with her was such a joyful and pleasant experience. We had my mom with us, since she was going to move in, and Carla did an amazing job including her in the process. She was friendly, enthusiastic and ALWAYS available; no matter the time or the questions we had. Carla is definitely a blessing to us and our family. If you need to buy a home, Carla is the only way to go, you will not be disappointed!

- Julissa P.

Carla Ng is a very bright, talented, real estate professional who you need to meet. Client care is her first priority. She is light years ahead of agents in her pre sale protocols and what's needed to make your escrow run smoothly. Finding a house these days isn't the only challenge - educating the clients to understand what it will take to get the house of their dreams or sell their home in ever changing market places is her personal specialty. She utilizes amazing and aggressive marketing to make your home sell fast! So get your boxes out and start packing before your home hits the MLS. Buyers get yourselves prequalified and let Carla put you on a drip to find the home of your dreams to your specifications and in an area you want to live in. Buyer or seller, you are destined to have a great experience with Carla as your first choice!

- Marcine K.

We LOVED working with Carla. She made the impossible task of buying a single family home a very easy process. In fact, our situation was a bit crazy. We had to buy a house within 1-week. With our budget, we knew this would be an impossible task. However, Carla's upbeat attitude and motivation led us to having our offer accepted within 3-days of house hunting! She knows the market really well. Her communication skills are excellent. We felt very involved throughout the entire process without feeling overwhelmed. You won't be disappointed with having Carla be your agent. I highly recommend Carla and would absolutely use her again for additional home purchasing endeavors.

- Sunny K.

Seller Testimonial

- 26 Offers!
- In escrow after 9 days
- Sold for $311,000 over asking price
- Final price of $1,560,000

Hear From My Clients

Carla was great to work with. She scheduled showings quickly and always came prepared and armed with comps in the neighborhood when we were house hunting. I appreciated that level of organization. She spent countless hours touring homes with us and was very patient in helping us find the right fit. After we found a home, Carla was great at helping us decide what a competitive offer would like and walked us through the counteroffer process. I believe that was what ultimately helped us get the house (it was a competitive bidding process with 5 other offers the seller could choose from). Once our offer was accepted, Carla was great at helping us narrow down next steps. At the time, we were living in a different city, but Carla was great at handling everything on our behalf and only bringing us down to the house as needed. For example, we were planning on doing some remodeling once the house was purchased. Carla helped us find a contractor to give us an estimate and went to the house late on a Friday evening to make copies of the the house's architectural plans to send to me via email. Overall, I was very pleased with her work ethic. She helped coordinate between multiple parties (e.g. the bank, inspectors, etc.). It made the whole process very fluid and everyone was always on the same page. She helped keep our stress level down during the whole process and made each step of the process special and memorable. Thank you Carla!

Natalie N.

Having Carla as a real estate agent has been such a blessing as a first-time homebuyer. The whole process was a bit daunting at first, in all honesty, but, right off the bat, she was transparent about everything that needed to happen in order to become a homeowner. From the very beginning, it was clear that she was organized, responsive, and driven, which, in my opinion, is exactly what you need from a realtor in today's competitive housing market. To give you an idea of how smooth and seamless this experience has been, my wife and I just met Carla a little over a month ago and we are getting our keys from her today! Obviously not everyone will be this lucky (as far as turnaround is concerned), but Carla played a huge role here. First off, her insights into what makes a buyer's application competitive was key, especially considering that the seller had multiple offers on the table. Second, she was in constant communication with our loan consultant and processor to ensure that all of our contingencies would be met in a timely manner. Additionally, she always kept us in the loop and consistently checked in to make sure we were on top of signing documents or anything else that required our attention. All in all, it was such a joy to have Carla as a real estate agent. She is, without a doubt, committed to her craft. Don't miss out on your future home by not having someone as diligent as Carla by your side from the get-go!

Steve L.

Buyer Testimonial

In escrow after only 2 weeks of house hunting. Carla specializes in helping first time home buyers!

I was researching many agents specifically in the South Bay area to replace my previous real estate agent. I found Carla Ng after researching for hours online and after reading through her website, reviews, and watching her Youtube videos, I thought Carla looks and sounds like she would get the job done and boy did she exceed my expectations! I can't speak highly enough of my experience of having Carla as my agent. As a first time home buyer, there is so much to learn and she was there explaining the entire process and the current market. I appreciate that she was always early on our house viewings, organized, responsive, and has a quick turnaround with researching and communicating with other agents to get more information on the properties. She gave some good suggestions and strategies on packaging offers during this crazy sellers market. She also introduced me to an amazing financial mortgage advisor, Brendon Moh. I felt confident with a team alongside me that is ready to educate, advise, communicate, and represent.

Carla is also incredibly personable. On top of being exceptionally good at her job, she felt like a friend after our first zoom meeting (during pandemic). She made this house searching process fun with her positive attitude and enthusiastic yet professional demeanor. Carla was even available to me while she was on vacation!

I highly recommend Carla Ng to anyone who wants a realtor who takes them seriously and will hustle for them! She is not another agent who is looking for a quick sell and move on, she truly works hard to ensure that you find the right home. I would like to purchase another property in the future and will definitely seek Carla to be my agent again.

Helen N.

Seller Testimonial 

Carla Ng was able to sell Karen's condo for $60,000 over the asking price in 1 day! This is a video testimonial about Karen's great experience working with Carla.

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